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One Piece

I know that most Otakus don't read or even watch One Piece because of the bad drawing and quality that it has. Everyone keep complaining, "Look at their eyes! There's no gradation! It's just pure dot!" "It has such a poor drawing, nah." "Look at the chapters! It's 800 chapters, how do you expect me… Continue reading One Piece

Action Anime


Me: AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Inner-self: Tiffany, calm down. Me: I'm trying to. AHHHHHHH Inner-self: Breathe in and out for 3 times. Me: *breathes in* breathes out* Me: *breath---- AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Me: *punches myself*   Okay. So here's the deal: Luffy. Will. Fucking. Marry. Me. Okay, obviously I'm kidding right there. The thing is, I found out that the… Continue reading AHHHH! FINALLY IT’S MADE INTO AN ANIME!

Action Anime · Survival Manga

Kamisama No Iutoori Ni

The feels after reading this manga is.... just... no words can describe it. It is the most beautifully tragic and annoying-as-fuck survival manga ever! (Spoilers ahead) So there is our main character, named Akashi something-something. He started out as a chicken, and then develop into a beef. I'm not kidding, he said that he will… Continue reading Kamisama No Iutoori Ni