Romance Manga

Orange (Takano Ichigo)

Gosh, I remembered the first time I read this manga, I didn’t prepare any roll of tissue so when there’s a sad part and I’m crying, I was forced to wipe my snot on my shirt’s sleeves. Thankfully, when my mother realised that my sleeves were completely wet, she lend me her roll of tissue, which I, in the end, finished it too.

This manga is the most tragic, roller-coaster manga. First chapter, the characters are all happy, their life was good, nothing bad happen. Then, BAM! Second chapter, I started crying for no reason (actually there is but I just wanted to sound cooler so I said ‘no reason’).

The whole purpose of the manga is actually just to save one guy who in the future will suicide, but girls being girls, emotions just can’t stay inside, and when emotions boiled up, they overflowed. The main character itself, a girl named Naho Takamiya, is actually not a strong-willed girl who didn’t cry and didn’t ask for the guy’s attention (If you are searching for strong-willed girl for the main character, this manga might not be suited for you).

But overalls, this manga is the saddest manga I’ve ever read. I cried tons while reading it, not even Ace’s death can compare 😦

I’ve tried watching the anime, but the anime just doesn’t give out the feels that the manga gives.

Try it out, and see if you can read it without crying.



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