Action Anime

More Action Manga? Pt. 2

I’ve been stuffing my face into Yaoi mangas these past few days, and I accidentally found this amazing action manga recommendations from others that just blew my mind. Ever since I’ve watched One Piece, other animes just turned boring and I have no energy to even finish a manga. But this list of manga surely does bring my energy back. Most of it is military/ historical manga. Ugh the feels //fangirls//


Action manga: 

-Gunka no Baltzar

-Shoukoku no Altair

-Shinobu no Kuni

-The kensei’s calligraphy


Action manhwa/ manhua: 

-A fairytale for the demon lord (it’s basically just a story about doppelgängers who are all obsessed with this one booby boo-hoo princess)

-City of darkness

-Blood and Steel


I need to do my homework and study for test tomorrow. Gotta go now, bye.


P.s: To those yaoi fans, if you want me to give you yaoi/ shounen ai manga recommendations, please don’t be shy to comment down below (pls do, my fingers have been itching to list out yaoi recommendations, but I’m afraid wordpress will somehow get in my way). Even if you are underaged to read porn (ehem) or x-rated stuffs like me, I will still acknowledge you as my yaoi friend! 😀

P.p.s: That comes out weird, doesn’t it?

P.p.p.s: Yaoi friend. Lol.



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