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One Piece

I know that most Otakus don’t read or even watch One Piece because of the bad drawing and quality that it has. Everyone keep complaining, “Look at their eyes! There’s no gradation! It’s just pure dot!” “It has such a poor drawing, nah.” “Look at the chapters! It’s 800 chapters, how do you expect me to enjoy it?”

Blah Blah Blah. But hey, I was actually like that before I watched One Piece. Until my friend told me, “Try the first 5 episodes of it, and you will never let go.” And I did. The plot was great, the drawing might be bad for the first hundred chapter, but it gradually improves and you’ll get used to it. It is amazing, I’ll tell you that.

3 of my friends, who said the same thing, I told them, “Try the first 5 episodes of it, and you’ll never let go.” And they did.

Now, it’s your turn. I dare you to try the first 5 episodes, and you’ll never let go.



8 thoughts on “One Piece

      1. Oh wow. Cool grandparents you have. I had my dad watch some episodes with me, too. During that time, however, I didn’t enjoy the experience so much because I had to answer his questions every second. But it was a great bonding time.


      2. Nice. My parents don’t watch anime though, they watch Korean dramas. Hahaha. But my mom does love to collect figurines, hence the reason why my room is filled with one piece figurines. Not that I complain.

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