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Silver Diamond

Phew! Man I just finished an 80-chapters manga which felt like 200-chapters. But the time wasted to read the manga is worth it! Silver Diamond. It was about a handsome boy (he's handsome for me) named Rakan, who has the power to grow plants just from his hand. He only figured out the so-called power… Continue reading Silver Diamond

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Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

I got hooked again!!! You know, I've always feel reluctant to read Shoujo manga because of how easily girls blushes towards every simple gestures the guys make. And that's the reason, why I kinda stopped reading shoujo manga, and move on to Shounen ai and Yaoi (boyxboy) instead. But then I remembered, THERE ARE SOME… Continue reading Keishichou Tokuhanka 007