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Something About Us

Action manga have been boring lately let alone the romance ones. And it’s hard to list out recommendations and even reviews of anime/ manga that I totally did not enjoy or just purely suck.

Something About Us is a romance cliché manga that I’ve just read. It’s part of the Lezhin’s comics and it’s kind of similar to webtoon (or maybe it is webtoon?). It’s so cliché that you can predict the outcome and the plot of the story but it is wonderful nonetheless.

You know how the romance story goes,

MC Girl best friend with MC boy.

MC Girl had no feelings for few years of being friends with MC Boy.

MC Girl develop feelings but ignore it.

MC Girl’s female friend has a crush on MC Boy, “It’s okay if I like him right?”

MC Girl decided to give up on her feelings and let her female friend be with MC Boy.

MC Girl broken.

Another hot guy has feelings for MC Girl.

MC Girl decided to date him to erase her feelings for MC Boy.


But damn man! The author knows how to bring out feelings from the readers. And you know what, the author is good at drawing hot guys and the ‘adorable-secret-glances’ scene.

Why must you torture me this way, God???? Lemme have that boy. Damn look at his blush. That boy must be damn delicious with six packs or eight packs. Mhmmm.

Okay. Okay. I’ll see myself out.

Peace out xoxo


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