Action Anime

More Action Manga? Pt.3

You people, must be bored out of your mind if you finished all of the action manga(s) I recommended from the last 2 ‘More Action Manga?’ updates. Hell, yeah, I am too.

That’s why I’ve been searching here and there, to find more action manga that suits my taste. How wonderful it is for me to find that there’s still tons and tons of undiscovered amazing manga under the popular ones. Blessed those authors and mangakas who made them.

Lemme give you the list right away…


Action Manga:

  • Hanzasky (a dead manga, such a pity)
  • Blood and Steel
  • Doubutsu no Kuni
  • Shana oh Yoshitsune
  • Billion Dogs


Action Manhua/ Manhwas: 

  • High School Manhwa (Kind of similar manga like ‘Clover’, ‘Crows’, and ‘Worst’)
  • Gwi
  • Banya


I actually also have been reading comedy manga that gives me a what-the-fuck-is-this-cra p feeling so much that I wanted to bang my head onto a table. I wanted to list out the comedy manga I’d been reading, but let’s save that for another time. Ima make you all wait impatiently.



^Teito (the kid) from 07 Ghost^


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