Action Anime · Survival Manga

Kamisama No Iutoori Ni

The feels after reading this manga is…. just… no words can describe it. It is the most beautifully tragic and annoying-as-fuck survival manga ever!

(Spoilers ahead)

So there is our main character, named Akashi something-something. He started out as a chicken, and then develop into a beef. I’m not kidding, he said that he will be a beef! And so he does! //claps//claps//

And a survival game started. Yes, it is another survival game. With one crazy naked God who doesn’t want to be a God but because another God appointed him he have to be a God (?). And now this ugly-ass-bitch God created a survival game to appointed another God to be a God because he doesn’t want to one. Akashi something-something is one of the chosen victims, and there’s a lot of killing and gores but surprise, surprise… there’s no hentai or sex. Wow. But there’s a lot of kissing and kissing. //smooch//

Anyway this manga describes friendship the most, and tell us that even villains have stories behind their bad intentions and actions. That’s why I said that it is a most beautifully tragical manga ever, because in the end, all his friends died to save Akashi something-something, who in the last chapter also died. LIFE WASTED.

Now for the part of why I said it is the most annoying as fuck manga, IT’S BECAUSE MY OTPs KEEP GETTING KILLED.


Akashi sth-sth: You must live on! I will save you!

Glasses-kun: Oh my God, you are my saviour! You are my light! You should live instead!

Me: Awwww… Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Akashi sth-sth: No! I have given you the way out! You should live, and you will remember me in your heart forever!

Me: Just fucking kiss already! Such a perfect couple!

Author-nim: Let’s kill him!

Glasses-kun: *squashed by a block of metal* *insides and blood splattering everywhere*

Akashi sth-sth: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! THIS IS ALL MY FAULT!

Me: ….

Me: ….

Me: ….

Me: ….

Me: ….

Me: ….

Me: Can someone tell me what just happened?


It seems that the mangaka also read some shounen ai and yaoi, and decides to put a little romance and obsession inside it. And this is the only factor that keeps me reading this fucked up manga. The kiss though.


Look at them! Aren’t they the perfect couple?



Peace out xoxo


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