Psychological Manga

More Psychology Manga?

Dr. Frost is the best psychology manhwa I’ve ever read. Most psychology manga involves killing and horror, or even worse, there’s gore in it. Now, if you are thinking that I don’t like gores, you’ve mistaken me. I’m okay with gores, totally okay with seeing the inards of humans (If I’ve seen human, both the outer skin of male and female body parts, why should I be afraid or disgusted by human’s digested systems?).

Especially after reading Final Destination 5, you can say that I’ve become somewhat what you call psychotic. More psychotic than I usually am. I’m afraid I may turn into a sadist someday.

But Dr. Frost focused solely on this one doctor that healed people psychologically, there’s a main character who develop through the manga and his existence also changed other people’s lives. I like him because of that. Btw he is hot too. There’s that, but the main point is the plot is great. 

Enough with blabbering, I’ll give out the recommendations.

Pyschological Manga: 

  • Franken Fran (she has a twisted way of helping people)
  • Young black jack (doctor; psychological genre)
  • One outs (anime is way better)
  • Dragon Head
  • Multiple personality disorder pyscho (MPD Pyscho)
  • Inu Yashiki
  • Gantz (prepare for some sex, 18+ above)

Psychological Manhwa/Manhuas:

  • Dr. Frost

That’s the only best psychological manhwa I would ever recommend. No, I’m kidding. Let me add a few more…

Pyschological Manhwa/ Manhuas: 

  • Dr. Frost
  • Bastard (if you haven’t read it, it’s awesome)
  • A simple thinking about blood type (this is cute)
  • Afterschool military activity
  • Afterschool war activities
  • Annarasumanara (this is sad yet this warmed my heart so much)

If you have any more interesting psychological manga you would want to recommend to me, feel free to comment down below. I’ve also ran out of manga and anime to watch. That’s why I’ve been reading yaois these past few days. //sighs// 

^Our fav, Tokyo Ghoul^ 


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